Cisco 3rd Party Call Control Fast Track Promotion

Take conversations to a new level with Cisco

Expand and grow your business with new offers on selected Cisco multiplatform phones.

Enhance your product offerings with Cisco’s market-leading portfolio of high performance endpoints and deliver an advanced unified communication experience to your customers.

Cisco is making the same range of its market-leading enterprise-class phones available for you and your customers on both its own and 3rd party operating platforms. This means that your customers can benefit from the same superior phone design, quality and device features as Enterprise customers have previously enjoyed.

Order any Cisco Series 7800, 8800, 6800 IP Phone and Cisco Series 500 headsets, and secure competitive discounts now!

Download the promotion's full SKU list here.

View the Cisco Multiplatform infographic here.

Available until 1 May 2021

Why Cisco Collaboration?