Cisco Services MultiYear Promotion

Exclusive discounted pricing on MultiYear Service Contracts

Take advantage of big savings on 3 Year and 5 Year MultiYear Cisco Service contracts with Logicom!

This promotion is valid for MultiYear Service contracts for:

• Cisco Smart Net Total Care
• Smart Care
• Cisco Smart Net Total Care Service for the Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS)

MultiYear contracts allow your customers to optimise the benefits of their Cisco network, extending the convenience and peace of mind in knowing that their network will be continually covered.

Available until 30 July 2022.

Why order Cisco MultiYear Services Contracts?

Keep networks up and running
Protect investments and increase the contribution that networks make to the business by reducing the cost of downtime

Maximize return on investment (ROI)
When the solution is maintained and updated on a regular basis, it continues to support the business by operating at a high level for the duration of its working life

Manage total cost of ownership
The cost of a service contract is rapidly outweighed by the costs to the business of any downtime, especially in terms of credibility and lost business

Maintain a competitive advantage
Keeping the network current aids businesses in implementing new applications that can lower costs, improve customer service, reduce delivery times, and grow the business

Maintain business credibility and continuity
Service contracts can help improve availability of applications critical to day-to-day operations and successful business relationships

Between now and 30 July 2022 take advantage of great savings with 3 and 5 year services contracts, through the Cisco 3 Year and 5 Year MultiYear Services Promotions.