Why Cisco Security for Small Business

Empower your customers with the strongest security team available

Security is a top priority for small businesses, making it a huge opportunity for you. With a growing global market ($6.5B+) rich in high-margin service opportunities and predictable, long-term recurring revenue streams.

Just like any organization, small businesses need to secure the network, endpoints, cloud, email, data, and applications – but often with far fewer resources. They need to focus their energy on growing their business, not worrying about security. They need a trusted partner, like you, that can advise on how to do it effectively, for the long term, and with limited resources.

You can win over small and medium business owners by helping accelerate their growth and securing their future.

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What are security buyers asking for?

  • A simplified security experience. One that takes them from overwhelmed to empowered.
  • Security that protects the entire business without slowing things down.
  • Security that grows with their business.
  • A unified security platform. Not a patchwork of solutions from different vendors that aren’t designed to work together.

Win with Cisco

With Cisco’s Security platform, you can win by offering the most effective and complete portfolio in the industry. With Talos threat intelligence built into entire Cisco Security portfolio, your customers get visibility and protection that spans the network, endpoints, cloud, DNS, email, and everything in between. Only Cisco offers this level of integrated security.

Every customer needs help with security today and tomorrow. Don’t just sell products. Win by selling security business value and a scalable platform approach from Cisco.