Cisco Security

Protect Your Customers’ Business with Cisco Security

Cisco’s security solutions help customers create and maintain a strong security foundation with effective, integrated and scalable solutions that protects your customer’s network before, during and after an attack. Cisco security solutions mitigate risk and reduce complexity so customers can move their business forward while staying secure.

Cisco’s security approach is built around foundational imperatives that allow customers to gain security insights from every event:

Before - visibility to who’s on the network, what devices they use and the activities they are doing, enabling customers to block threats and threat actors before they hit the network

During - embedded security in the points of connection, protects the network and mobile users wherever they go, on or off the VPN.

After - retrospective security allows your customers to identify where the attack happened, how to clean it up and how to avoid or respond to similar threats in the future.

What’s in it for you?

  • Get new revenue opportunities and network refresh deals by selling Cisco networks build-in security
  • Increase your value to the customer as a trusted advisor by delivering the solutions they need to secure their network from advanced threats
  • Access to the strongest and most advanced portfolio to help your customers stay safe with a security solution that provides visibility and protection across your customers’ entire network

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